mental health

Researchers analyzed statistical features from close to 44,000 photographs on Instagram, using algorithmic face detection, color analysis, and metadata components.
Before you head to your physician to get your prescription for medical grade weed, do your research.
Stay awake and pay attention. Become stronger, healthier, and happier by clearing out your nervous system.
If you're doing all the right things and still struggling, it's time to ask for help.
If we can help erase the negative connotations of meditation, more people might be motivated to experiment with this mental training.
Being in the present moment can help us deal with the hectic pace of our current lifestyles.
Unlike the thousands of programs and protocols in our culture, treatment options for eating disorder therapy are farther and fewer between.
Study proves eating disorders aren't limited to adolescent and young adult women.
If your brain is being rewritten as a result of the eating disorder, it stands to reason that the changes go beyond just your desire to eat.
A few minutes of Tai Chi or yoga per day can go a long way toward restoring you to full, pain-free health.
The practice of yoga in care homes, when both staff and children are involved, can lead to both individual and social benefits.
Meditation, mindfulness, and stress management are all different things, but they may all produce the same effects.
Yoga can be a truly effective option for regaining control over your mind and emotions, as well as your body.
We get so busy that we forget to focus on our mental health.
If you want to improve your fitness and your life, it may be time to step in the ring.
Schools are the most permeating cultural influence in America, and we should use that to create a national vision and ethos.
All too often acute pains become chronic, and we start to identify with our pain.