mental training

What makes a person mentally tough? What makes as fighter able to withstand punishment and come back to win? Here's my weekly training update and my analysis of what constitutes mental toughness.
Being only still, or being only active isn't the healthiest path. What works best is a triad of meditation, exercise, and yoga. Stillness, movement, and the weaving of the two.
What can a dog teach you about your own athletics and health? Here are 8 ways we can learn from dogs, including how to identify you rabbit poop and pursue it with abandon.
I have a rule with my clients: if you shake your head during a workout you owe me ten burpees. Self-talk has an impact on your performance and the research is out there to back that claim up.
Nobody wants to choke during a big game when performance is everything. What if squeezing a small ball in your right hand could eliminate that possibility? New research shows it might be that simple.
Qi is our vital life force in our bodies. Gong means cultivation. So, qi gong is the cultivation of our life force. Watch this video to learn a simple, centering exercise from qi gong.
60 seconds of silence and quiet twice a day at work - is it possible? Join in on our meditation challenge! Learn how to meditate and be accountable with our challenge starting today!
Meditation is a simple as it is misunderstood. This video talks about some of the fundamentals of meditation with insight into common problem areas. Enjoy!
How can a video camera and some Post-It notes improve your athletic performance and life? Build on your practice of visualization technique with the tools in this video.
Visualizing any part of your athletic game is bound to improve performance and lower anxiety. This video will walk you through HOW to effectively visualize.