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As elusive as the flow state might seem, there are defined avenues to help you get there.
Do you need to spend some more time recovering from your workouts?
Structuring a warm up is important for developing this purpose. We can divide that structure into five distinct stages.
We will never be able to get what we want from our body until we supply what it needs.
Glute Goddess - Increase, sculpt and build lean muscle, get fit, and lose fat. Look great. It's all here.
Create a constant environment of challenge to instill mental and physical toughness and tenacity.
Our primal fight-or-flight instinct has metastasized into a grinding, chronic disease.
Improving your focus and attention doesn't have to be time-consuming or involve sitting still.
Find a way to trick your brain to improve your body.
Become a better student and a better coach by adding something completely different to your training.
Learn how to breath deeply for health, meditation, and exercise.
Invest in your health at the office to be a more productive and creative member of your team.
Conscious effort is needed to maintain healthy habits while on the road.
The root cause of your back pain may be the way you breathe.
Can you trust yourself enough to honor and listen to what your body really needs?
For lasting success in life, you need to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions.
We live in a busy world. Be kind to yourself and perform your best with these daily practices.
This recovery method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment.