Better to shoot at a close target and hit it, than agonize over a far one and never get started.
In training, there's what everybody else is doing, and then there's what produces the best results. Results rule.
Just get out there and try stuff, and if you don’t like it, try some other stuff.
Negative motivations can thwart all your otherwise noble efforts.
If you want to try something new, give it a shot and don't be afraid to fail.
You might not have the same body you did at 20, but that doesn't mean you should stop using it.
If we want our sports to continue to thrive, we will all have to put in the sweat to see them grow.
Resist allowing your injury to tell you that you are not as good/aware/strong/mobile/capable as you thought you were.
The reason you keep hitting refresh speaks volumes of the type of athlete you are.
Overemphasizing strength often leads us to miss the forest for the trees, limiting the real-world applicability of our training.
Take some time to step back and look at your life and your capability, and appreciate the beauty of how far you’ve come and the amazing things you can do.
Don't let the 5 o'clock crowd stand between you and your goals.
There's no reason to beat yourself up if you're consistently doing most things right. Take this quiz.
Your true character is revealed in times of high stress.
The point of your training should be to enable you to improve the world around you.
One day, whether by happenchance or some fluke of life, your training comes to a screeching halt. What now?
Time and age grant a more objective perspective on how you trained when you were young.