mixed martial arts

Cognitive exercises have a place in a fighter's gym routine right alongside traditional strength and conditioning work.
Out in the real world, there are no rules, whistles, or bells to save you.
When you're training for something as unpredictable as violence, martial arts isn't enough.
There is no sport or training modality that combines the physical and mental challenges of MMA.
If you want to improve your fitness and your life, it may be time to step in the ring.
There are many misconceptions about Paulie Zink and I believe it is worthwhile to give people legitimate background.
Be a force for good in your jiu jitsu world and crush negativity into the mat.
Keeping these five principles in mind before you begin a strength program will only help you in the long run.
These are the most common mistakes I see in fighters' strength training plans, and my suggestions for fixing them.
Training this way will help you get past being a "first round hero" and give you energy in later rounds.
Fighters need to be ready for different amounts of effort at any moment. Mike Perry trains his athletes for that purpose.
Explore these ten books from experts in MMA, boxing, and martial arts on mental strength.
In BJJ, we are not mixing different martial arts - we are mixing multiple energy systems.
It’s much more fun to hit than get hit, but learning how to take a punch is vital to your success as a martial artist.
Cat Clark and Jaret MacIntosh have put together an amazing line-up to support up-and-coming fighters.
Ultimate Fighter 20 will be the first all-female cast, and the winner will be crowned the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion.
Drinking a ton of water and saving your weight cut for the last day is actually better than gradual dehydrating. In this case, slow and steady does not win the race.