Focus on alignment issues involving the hips and negate pain in week two of this four part series.
When it comes to developing strength and muscle mass, is your warm-up doing more harm than good?
Work comes first, and family is a real responsibility. So how do you get a good workout in a short time frame?
Little daily habits can equal big movement dysfunctions if you don't pay attention to these five things.
Regaining lost movement patterns and soothing trigger points are the keys to improving gait.
Most people of today are disconnected with their bodies. How can we collectively make a difference?
What was final straw that made me turn my back on the king of strength exercises?
Three things to keep and three to leave behind as we move on to a new year.
According to the mobility masters, you might want to let go of the foam roller.
Every morning is an opportunity for you to check in with your body. Here are the questions to ask it.
Step back and evaluate whether or not you have a healthy relationship with exercise.
Movement hierarchies are an invaluable tool for group training, to ensure everyone is at the right level.
Pain does not come simply from our habitual mechanics. Our mental habits can cause just as many problems.
Grapplers require a strong core to help prevent motion and to transfer power from the hips.
The original intent of complexes was a bit deeper than just beating yourself to a bloody pulp.
It's no good to just seek mobility. Mobility without motor control is just another injury waiting to happen.
Don’t fall prey to arbitrary movement standards that may not be appropriate for you. Train your body.