natural movement

Five minutes of twisting into various shapes isn't going to overcome the other 99% of your day that you spend getting tight.
To be useful in life, your training will have to go beyond the standard gym routine.
Crawling as a solo drill can enhance your ability to get through guards on the mat.
Your legs were meant to do more than programmed movement patterns.
Did the human organism really evolve to squat with barbells?
Introducing a self-limiting element to your training will emphasize movement quality to build precision and strength.
These tools will help you get a clear picture of what's working in your training.
As aches and pains accumulate, it seems everyone's hoping to become a little more “supple.”
Achieve limitless growth with this “no program” training approach.
Believing you can improve is one thing but doing something about it is a different beast.
Change your space to change your life.
Take the mundane and do something interesting with it.
Why do the same old hip stretches if you aren't making progress?
Finding comfort in your squat will help you develop resilience and adaptability.
Move beyond your traditional view of strength to train technique, strategy, and efficiency.
Your body allows you to do amazing things, and it deserves to be heard. Are you listening?
Listen closely when you experience pain. Your body is trying to tell you something.