natural movement

Move beyond your traditional view of strength to train technique, strategy, and efficiency.
Your body allows you to do amazing things, and it deserves to be heard. Are you listening?
Listen closely when you experience pain. Your body is trying to tell you something.
Once I stopped trying to force myself into a position from a book, I found my perfect squat.
These drills will free up your joints and unlock freedom in your squat.
Train with awareness to move with precision, accuracy, and control.
Chasing a rigid definition of the textbook rep isn't helping your body.
A bit of rough-and-tumble play never hurt anyone. In fact, it might be just the thing you need in your training.
Just because you're stuck in the city doesn't mean your natural movement practice has to suffer.
Our ability to manage complex sensory inputs dictates our physical, emotional, and psychological health.
There's more to good posture than simply standing up straight.
Perceptual motor and work capacity development will make dramatic improvements to your physical competence and performance.
To hone a skill, break it down and make small improvements over time.
Crawling drills will awaken your sixth sense and reignite your brain-body connection.
Stop going through the motions just to break a sweat. Slow down and explore purposeful movement.
Train over/unders to develop explosiveness and coordination.
If you took a video of yourself working out, would it match the image you have in your head?