natural movement

Without a focus on your feet, you’ll sacrifice speed, strength, and power.
The aim of intuitive programming is a balance between planned and spontaneous movement.
Here is an unconventional, but practical, engaging, and fun way to build strength and mobility.
Natural movement provides a powerful stimulus to redefine habitual patterns of pain in the body.
Imagination isn't just for playing dress up. It applies to our training, too.
The climb up, as well as passive and active hanging will help develop mobility in your shoulder joints.
The shoulder is a complex area of the body, but maintaining it's strength and mobility doesn't have to be.
Next time you have chores you don’t feel like doing, give these ideas a shot and get stronger while you're at it.
Here are seven ways you can build exercise "snacks" into your day for more health - and more fun.
The tripod position can be applied as a transition in many different activities, including BJJ.
Human balance is a strange thing. Here's some perspective from science and MovNat.
There are specific patterns to fighting that cross cultural boundaries. Familiarizing yourself with your natural reactions can help.
Fascial knots are a common performance inhibitor, but this crawl might be what you need to rediscover your movement potential.
Deep down, I believe we all are craving more substance from our fitness.
Forming the connection between mind and body is more complex than simply whipping out an atlas of the mind.
When it comes to natural movement, where you train isn't as important as how you do it.
Proper ankle mobility and stability will decrease your risk of injury and dictate, if you do fall, whether you get back up hobbling or not.