olymic weightlifting

The rationalization of the body weight categories didn't exist before Norbert Schemansky.
Don't lose nine months of training because you took three months to goof off.
The snatch press from the squat position is an exercise used to strengthen the torso and improve mobility.
The clean pull helps improve the strength and power in the muscles involved in pulling the barbell off the floor during the clean.
The press from split position is an exercise to help strengthen the athlete's position in the split of the jerk, as well as improve the balance in that position.
In my experience with beginners, there are two huge technical problems involved with teaching the pull from the floor. Breaking the pull into a progression has helped solve these problems.
One of the functions of the coaching eye is to detect an error during the heat of battle.  If you see your lifter making an error that is correctible, how do you help them fix it?