Georgia's walking mountain obliterates the field at the Tokyo Olympics to take Gold in the Men's 109+ kg category.
The first gold medal winner for the Philippines gets a new house and $660,000 as well as the gratitude of a nation that has been waiting for this moment since 1924.
On the practice platform, the world's greatest weightlifter is snatching 220 kg, and clean and jerking 255 kg with ease.
They have sport climbing and boxing so why not?
The first woman to land the impossible move just did it again in practice at the Tokyo Olympics.
Some people tried to stop her but the Tokyo Olympics will welcome New Zealand's transgender weightlifting competitor.
Competitors are wary of bans and the impact of reanalysis of samples years after events that can mean the loss of medals and status.
We should watch athletes perform to celebrate the extremes of human potential, not confirm our cultural biases.
Nations with doping cultures must continue to be heavily sanctioned if the sport is to continue to grow.
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An historical perspective on female athletes, the Olympics, and doping in Olympic weightlifting.
The coverage of Toomey's performance in the 58kg division was published earlier today.
Top American lifters will be forced to find a new program as of September 30, 2016.
It looks like we're going to see a reshuffle of the final podiums from Beijing and London over the coming weeks.