Holley is in London! This week Holley deals with jet lag and adjusting to London, while enjoying the environment of the Olympic Village and the endless supply of Coke Zero.
Get pumped to sit down and watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics Games by watching this amazing, heart-pounding highlight reel of the 2008 Beijing Games.
As the Olympics approach let's look back at the evolution of swimming since the 1896 Games, and also what are the "must watch" events on the Olympic swimming event schedule.
For Olympic weightlifting to succeed in the USA we either need a lot more lifters or a lot more lifters on steroids. But there is one simple thing you can do to help out...
Andrea Duran is an Olympic silver medalist and a professional athlete, but she still has to fight constantly for her sport and for the future of women's professional sports in general.
By this time next week, Holley will be in London! The Olympic Games are mighty close. Is Holley ready? Is she even packed??
This week Holley is back in Columbus after a training stint at the Olympic Training Center. She talks about how she finances her training, what makes it worthwhile, and highlights a fellow lifter.
This week Holley talks about some weightlifting friends - in particular one amazing world champion who only weighs 105lbs. Weightlifting isn't only for big people and it doesn't make you manly!
Who measures out the courses at the Olympics and how do they know they're accurate? Turns out it's a giant team of researchers and some seriously high-tech equipment.
Science looks at how technology affects records and trends in Olympic sports. Sprinters keep getting better every year, which might mean even Usain Bolt won't be able to keep up!
Holley continues to train hard at the Olympic Training Center, despite the wildfires surrounding the area. Plus, this week she splurged for the first time ever and bought herself something!
Holley continues to scurry between Columbus, the Olympic Training Center, fundraisers, and work, but stopped for a moment to marvel at meeting Michael Phelps.
Drug tests are de rigueur at the Olympics, but new testosterone testing requirements for female athletes could pose problems for women with naturally high levels.
In addition to our Featured Coach interviews, we've talked to amazing athletes from a variety of sports, from UFC fighters, to yoga instructors, to bodyguards and strongmen!
This week Holley relays the results of last week's State Meet, reminisces about when she used to be able to eat pizza, and remains focused on her Olympic dream.
This week Holley is busy with work and fundraising, while tapering for a State weightlifting meet she is competing in this Saturday.
Altitude training has long been used by athletes, but new research examine more closely. Athletes can use this information to precisely time out their training to line up with competition day.