outdoor fitness

No matter what activities you enjoy doing outside of the gym, there are weight training exercises you can do to boost your potential.
Learn about the most functional of functional fitness philosophies.
This fun, outdoor workout will get you moving while feeling good in the process.
Fitness and life should be messy, beautiful, and human.
Immerse yourself into the work without expecting any immediate outcome.
The French Renaissance and why we should place greater emphasis on appreciating and developing the gifts of physical expression.
Quality of movement or PRs and rep numbers? At the end of the day, your approach needs to be far more about enjoying your fitness than appeasing someone else’s notion of toughness or fragility.
Break out of the norm and challenge yourself by embracing a movement based goal.
The most capable humans don't come from the sterile environment of the typical gym.
Just because you're having fun in the sun, doesn't mean you aren't also making progress toward your fitness goals.
Why just stare longingly at the beautiful day outside the gym window? Get out there!
Don't let poor food choices for your summer trip weigh you down.
Just because you're stuck in the city doesn't mean your natural movement practice has to suffer.
Fitness is in the eye of the beholder.
The aim of intuitive programming is a balance between planned and spontaneous movement.
Forget the gym - all you need for the perfect workout is your body, space to move, and something to carry.