personal development

In the era of biohacking, it's easy to get bogged down by everything you want to do to optimize your life, but essential practices have not changed.
Sometimes we overlook things such as fighting hard mano y mano, mental toughness and strategy, graceful technique, and longevity.
Don’t fear strength and muscles, ladies—they hold the power to make your life a whole lot better.
When you remove the excess you often find what is real.
This holiday season commit to being more, rather than having more.
It is the people and situations we tend to avoid that can teach us the most and promote our own growth.
If it doesn't challenge you then it won't change you, and change is needed for growth.
6-week challenge versus professional coach for life: Which business are you in? You can’t be in both.
We don’t know the number of our days, so it is imperative that we live them to the greatest extent we can, and that includes attention to our vitality.
I believe that fitness is the ability to say yes to the things that animate your spirit.
We need to look beyond all the expensive fad plans, and instead put ourselves onto the road to fitness and health autonomy.
What matters in life is to leave an enduring legacy that improves those who will follow.
It's the little things, done with absolute consistency, that bring the most profound rewards.
You'll never get the outcome you want, in the kitchen or in life, if you don't honor the process.
The struggle to attain strength and knowledge as a coach is a gift, not a curse.
Stop looking for your next game-changing course, and ask yourself how you can use the knowledge you already have.
Coaches, don't let the sun set on the potential of youth weightlifting before its potential is discovered.