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Photographer Miguel Tapia was inspired by Tim Tebow to put this collection together. You know prayer is sometimes useful in a workout, but have you ever struck any of these poses?
As a photographer, Savannah loves capturing the Zen of yoga, the pain of CrossFit, and the beauty of food. Through her profession she dreams of changing lives by sharing images of a healthy lifestyle.
Early on in life Neville Palmer came in to possession of both a barbell set and a camera. Today he considers himself a "fairly fit photographer" and is sharing his amazing photos with us.
David Brown loves the capturing the individualism and expression of Brazilian jiu jitsu and skateboarding with his camera. Here are some of his favorite (and completely beautiful) images.
Michael Brian captures intensity, family, and community in his photos - all in the context of fitness and athletics. Learn more about Michael and see his gallery of amazing photos.
What do you picture a "powerlifting meet" to look like? Does it include senior citizens, young women, and teens? Powerlifters aren't all big guys. Read up and check out this photo gallery for proof.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's hot topics: CrossFit and swimming, Tony Blauer, sports photography, and more!
Mary Siani specializes in sports photography...and dog photography. What do these have in common? Emotions and stories, said Mary. Look at her amazing photographs and you won't doubt her.
Announcing the winners of the June photo contest! Read on to see the winning shots and learn how to enter the next contest.
Tim Banfield started out as a rockclimber and CrossFitter; now he has become a professional photographer specializing in those subjects. Check out this gallery of his amazing pictures.
There is something indescribable about a photo that captures an emotional moment. Combine great photos with inspirational words and you have the motivational work of Aly Willier and RXSTAR.
One of my favorite parts of the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival was watching the Olympic weightlifting Nationals. Some amazing athletes put some serious weight overhead for three straight days!
There were some IMPRESSIVE things happening at the Arnold Sports Festival. Check out these photos of some of the strongest men and women out there as they deadlift.
People tell me the Arnold Sports Festival is the best for people watching. Today I think I figured out why - beautiful ladies, Matt Hughes, and Lou Ferrigno!
There is something universally enjoyable about watching strongman competitions. Check out these photos from the Arnold Sports Festival. Amazing athletes!
It's day one at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and oh boy is it a scene! Randy Couture, Ronnie Coleman, CrossFit, powerlifting, and more!