plant-based nutrition

The more we learn about the human body the more we realize that, while there are some basic concepts that work for everyone, the “one size fits all” diet just doesn’t exist.
If you notice any bloating, pain, cramping or effects that could be related to a combined or isolated milk protein allergy, such as eczema, you might want to try a plant-based protein instead.
There are viable alternatives to animal-derived proteins for vegans, vegetarians, others interested in plant-based diets, and for those not tolerant to dairy or other proteins. Here's one approach.
If you want quality ingredients without additives homemade protein bars might be for you.
A study from UC Santa Barbara found that even small changes in the modern diet could lead to climate change.
Vegan and paleo friendly, NuZest protein is hard to beat.
Fiber-rich foods can be just as satisfying as meat-heavy dishes.