Strong is never wrong, in every sport and in life.
The physical preparation considerations for an MMA fighter are as complicated as you'll find in all of sports.
Sometimes, the best thing your coach can tell you is "no."
To get the most from your fitness in 2018, start with an honest assessment of your needs.
The biggest improvement in our society’s health may come from a strong dose of common sense.
Every struggle becomes an opportunity to help those around you.
The best way for you to get fit might be in your own home, with your own custom program.
The thinking person’s barbell sport is poised for another surge in popularity.
This episode, we cover topics included building size for different sizes, cardio that can burn fat while retaining muscle and much more.
The effects of aging are no excuse to sit down and give up.
Treating kids like little pro athletes is driving them away from fitness for good.
Cognitive exercises have a place in a fighter's gym routine right alongside traditional strength and conditioning work.
All you need to be in shape is your body, a bar, and gravity.
The tool matters far less than the tribe you build around it.
The difference between who you are and who you want to be is the action you take every day to become the latter.
We won’t turn the tide in America’s fight with obesity until we give people of all ages the tools to manage their own health and fitness.
The more we ignore our nature, the worse we can expect things to get. Welcome to the first installment of our newest podcast with Coach Shane Trotter