posterior chain

So this entire essay, as I’ll call it, because I’m incredibly high brow, will be a discussion of what you need to set your framework and why you need it.
After some soul searching, I hope you will set your ego aside and admit that some of the things you've been doing may be holding you and your clients back.
You don't need a fancy facility or equipment to build strength.
Bum augmentation without surgery. What could be better than that?
So, what makes the box squat useful? You can improve your back squat without back squatting, that's one reason.
Sometimes gravity is the best form of resistance in your training.
There is no greater exercise for posterior chain development than the single-leg Romanian deadlift (1-leg RDL)
Most athletes focus too much on the primary muscles, meaning legs, quads, hamstrings, the big muscle groups.
A faster and more biomechanically efficient pull awaits.
Greg Walsh demonstrates an unusual kettlebell progression to diversify to your ground-to-overhead routine.
Many athletes say they have “tight hamstrings,” but the issue is more than just hamstrings. It’s the entire posterior chain clenching. Here are two yoga poses you can use to free your backside.
This plan was developed for military and first responders, but its benefits can be had by all.
Simple, safe, and effective training protocols for these areas will elicit maximum performance on the field.
Ever seen a sprinter or a CrossFit athlete without a nice butt? Didn't think so.
Training the clean and deadlift will help you move with more ease in your yoga, and in life.
Deadlifts, low-bar back squats, and kettlebell swings are a great way to utilize the posterior chain.