posture alignment therapy

Going back to basics and addressing static posture is the best way to overcome an injury or even a strength plateau.
Gain insight into how and why the body holds itself in specific ways and why pain is more complex than simply how you look while standing.
Once you experience the immediate, noticeable difference Airbench makes in the way your low back feels and functions, you are going to want to keep doing it even when you are not in pain.
If your work has you hunched over a computer all day, here's an easy way to get your back up and moving again.
Drugs and surgery aren't your only options if you suffer from chronic jaw pain.
Pain may manifest in a single area of the body, but it indicates a dysfunction of the system as a whole.
The movement asymmetry in martial arts can lead to big problems with your spine, but there are two simple moves that will help prevent any issues.
Ignoring dysfunction in your hips will allow all of your lifts to spiral out of control.
Knee injury is rarely a knee problem, but rather a hip, knee, ankle problem.
All the strength in the world won't help you move big weight if your posture is dysfunctional.
These exercises provide a potent way to promote balance and muscle function in the feet and lower legs.
Yoga was created in a time when people didn't sit at desks all day, so in order to get the most from your practice, you have to do something to counteract that.
Tennis isn't as innocuous for the health of your body as it may seem.
Bodybuilding is all about balance and symmetry, but you can't have either if your posture is failing.
If you want to keep healthy joints through your training, address the body you're bringing to the box.
These routines will help you reverse the damage of compensation and avoid future setbacks.
Here's a comprehensive guide on five exercises to bring your posture back into healthy, pain-free alignment.