power lifting

While injury and pain can appear to keep us from our goals, when it comes to movement, there are always options.
It’s easy to get carried away by emotion and let it control you instead of using the energy of it toward a singular effort.
Fix some of the most common mistakes in your deadlift.
How do we make sure we’re using the correct weights as we base percentages off of a max that may change during a two or three-month long training block?
If you want to develop yourself through many practices, even if only very slowly and recreationally, you need to create structure before you add.
Arm, leg, or back strength are meaningless without the ability to hold on to whatever needs to be moved.
Injuries aren’t a curse. They’re feedback.
The fitness industry is all about creating rules, but you can break all of them and still succeed.
When it comes to modes of lifting, our differences are not as significant as our similarities.
Understand how your warm up is working for you in real time by performing double sets at each weight.
Keeping a training log will expose when to increase weight and reps to optimize your gym efforts. Don't train for nothing.
Wow, a variety of reader questions this week on bicep curls, powerlifting, and paleo.
Sometimes we get so caught up in measuring results that we forget to focus on the quality and quantity of our efforts.
This week was a straightforward week working on some of the key movements I've been focusing on in my training. I also hosted a powerlifting meet at the gym.
After a whole week off due to sickness, I'm back in action this week and feeling better. Working on my chest press this week to build my bench. I even set a raw squat PR of 804.
Who holds the women's powerlifting world record for the 97-pound division raw squat? A 10-year-old named Naomi Kutin who squats almost 215lbs. Meet the Kutin family of powerlifters.
The hook grip is an essential tool to have in your arsenal for heavy weightlifting and powerlifting. But it doesn't feel so good! Learn the why and how of hook grip in this video.