Dial-in on the coaching cues that work for you in order to be your own best trainer.
The loads were light this week, as the focus for the next two weeks is compensatory acceleration training.
Three things to keep and three to leave behind as we move on to a new year.
This week I worked on my weaknesses and took some advice from a friend about varying my squat stance.
Last week I tested my maxes and had a mock meet to help gauge where I am and where I need to improve.
I challenge you to explore your personal system of training and assess what's most important to you.
Take a cue from old-time strongmen to build solid total-body strength and mobility.
The craziest thing happened this week: all of my lifts felt amazing, on every workout.
One of the advantages of weight training is that it allows for quantification of your body's response to stressors.
I took Thanksgiving off to be with my family and missed my deadlifts, but otherwise it was a good training week.
After a five-year hiatus, I’m going to do a weightlifting meet in May 2015.
At first glance, the differences are obvious. But the two sports are more closely related than you may think.
Here are my picks of the most useful, most fun, and generally most awesome strength-related gifts.
My next plan sticks to basics and mirrors the infamous Smolov cycle.
This week I reflected on my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats after my last powerlifting meet.
After about two years of not doing a snatch, I hit 85% of my all-time best result this week. How is this possible?
My last meet of the year was full of ups and downs, but overall I'm happy with how things went.