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rest and recovery

The competitions will always be there.
Don't lose nine months of training because you took three months to goof off.
Your perfect training plan is one that responds and adapts to life's many demands.
If you eat well and train hard but sleep poorly, you're holding yourself back.
You are the CEO of your most precious commodity. Call the right shots for lifelong profits.
Mobility-based approaches are trending in fitness, but there are two major missing pieces to the puzzle.
Someone else’s diet might not be the solution for you. Discover your own best nutrition choices.
When it comes to higher level fitness, you must understand why longer training is necessary.
These five steps will return you to the field as a stronger player, both mentally and physically.
There is so much more to it. Here are five lessons I’ve learned during my four years of working as a physical therapist.
What advice can I give you, the athlete making your return? Consider these questions in order to tackle the job intelligently.
Just because you're not at your best doesn't mean you should give up on your plan for the day.
Novelty is a key stimulus for continued adaptation, and if you’ve been training for decades, there’s not much your body hasn’t already experienced.
Avoid injury by finding balance between your combat sport and your conditioning. This three training day plan will send you in the right direction.
In order to recover properly and progress your training, you need more than just rest.
When it comes to recovery, training variety, and using the scale for body composition, there are some guidelines to consider.
Learn the nature of what pain ails you then create a plan to move forward toward better function.
Adaptation is the sole reason for working out, and recovery is one of the best ways to achieve it.