rest and recovery

Technology is quickly narrowing the knowledge gap between elite athletes and the rest of us.
Ice water baths aren't effective at improving most markers of recovery.
The impulses are gentle and a TENS unit can be useful for many types of pain—from strains to arthritis.
Heal and restore your body with a delicious bone broth, rich in minerals to support the immune system and full of collagen, glutamine, glycine, and proline.
Giving yourself and your family the gift of a holiday season break from your endless training and racing is a good thing. Your body will reward you.
Nourish yourself from the inside out with this easy, gluten-free, dairy-free chicken soup.
Caffeine may keep you up, but it might also make you less sore.
Even a small sleep debt requires a surprisingly large payback.
The gym and healthy eating are meant to enhance your life outside the gym
The competitions will always be there.
Don't lose nine months of training because you took three months to goof off.
Your perfect training plan is one that responds and adapts to life's many demands.
You are the CEO of your most precious commodity. Call the right shots for lifelong profits.
Mobility-based approaches are trending in fitness, but there are two major missing pieces to the puzzle.
Someone else’s diet might not be the solution for you. Discover your own best nutrition choices.
When it comes to higher level fitness, you must understand why longer training is necessary.
These five steps will return you to the field as a stronger player, both mentally and physically.