Conventional wisdom tells us we shouldn't work out every day, especially early on, but the opposite is actually true.
The age of automation threatens to make more humans useless.
Make your daily workout more enjoyable by training at the right place, with the right people, and with the right music.
The healthiest, longest living adults are the ones who sleep well and manage their stress correctly.
A large majority of us—yes, even your coaches and fitness idols—have to dig up that motivation in any way we can.
Reinforce the idea that living in a healthy way is normal, not amazing.
Humans require a certain amount of variety to stay interested, so you have to keep your fitness routine fresh.
The way your child starts the day can have a huge impact on their overall health.
The gym and healthy eating are meant to enhance your life outside the gym
Take this fitness personality test to find the right path to fitness for you.
Don't stress - you are never too far gone from your fitness goals to get yourself back on track.
Allow yourself to sacrifice time for exercise to see improvements in your career and personal life.