It's more important that you understand your customers than they understand you.
Sport-specific coaches and fitness trainers shouldn't get clients the same way.
Your online presence should pay off in real business.
Online marketing is essential to your business. So why do so many coaches get it wrong?
Wellness requires sound ethics and good sales to thrive. Time to start training your staff in a different way.
It’s lucky Hollywood contracts are worth a lot, otherwise Bradley Cooper would be broke just buying supplements.
There are critical steps to follow to ensure a successful TV appearance that may boost your credentials as a fitness pro.
The first thing you must focus on, which is often overlooked, is the value you provide for your clients and gym members.
Fitness entrepreneurs - your sales need to support yourself before you can truly help as many people as possible.
Here's a little secret. Your number-one objective with any digital marketing campaign is to acquire an email address.
The moment you understand this tactic will be the day you see huge profits and gains in your business.
Define who the people are you’re pursuing and you’ll have classes filled with whatever customers you want.