Technology isn’t going anywhere, so you must control when and where you use it, rather than letting it control you.
Being strong is being free. The fitter we are, the more freedom we have. The more freedom we have, the happier we are and the closer to self-actualization we get.
Are you working out because it's beneficial and enjoyable? Or are you doing it because you're trying to fix something from the past?
What you don’t say might just kill you. Relieve stress by walking through the fear to speak up for yourself. Tips, poses, and meditations to say what you really want to say without fear or judgement.
I recommend "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" both for its message and for its flaws. It has some great lessons about life, but it's written in a way that caused my inner seventh grader to roll her eyes.
Whether it be a career choice or something like choosing a new gym, there are pressures in our lives that can keep us from following our true desires. Willow offers tips on navigating these waters.
How can you optimize your training while still juggling all the other balls you have in the air? Get clear about what you are and are not willing to do to improve - and own those decisions.