self awareness

How much water should you drink every day? Maybe not eight glasses.
For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just macros.
If you’re swinging around on bars doing 100 pull-ups or toes-to-bar what do you expect?
In an effort to help you determine a more accurate snapshot of your current self-mastery, here are 4 categories of self-mastery because you can't always rely on an optimal environment for success.
Sugar, thou art a villain, but is sugar truly the bane of our existence?
Without self-reflection and understanding of our intentions, we are often pulled to outcomes that don’t serve us
If we can help erase the negative connotations of meditation, more people might be motivated to experiment with this mental training.
It’s only when you remove yourself emotionally from the small picture and focus more on the whole, that fat loss really gains momentum.
Do you know how to train hard, but also when to back off, listen to your coach, take care of your body, and take rest days in order to get stronger?
Here's a way to test whether your commitments really come from the heart.
Are you spending too much time on the distractions of your business?
When you inevitably feel like a fraud, you actually have a golden opportunity.
The magic of coaching is to change your perspective, and these three questions can help you do that for yourself.
The starker potentials in mindfulness are a big reason many people hit a wall.
Achieve limitless growth with this “no program” training approach.
For lasting success in life, you need to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions.
Technology isn’t going anywhere, so you must control when and where you use it, rather than letting it control you.