self coaching

Ditch the I can’t get to the gym excuses, because there’s no place like home.
The job of a coach is never done, and that applies double to the self-coach.
This program offers the perfect combination of discipline, guidance, freedom, and agency. Craft your own program based on your mood and needs while ensuring structure and efficiency.
This program and additional reading will not only get you into the best shape of your life, but will help you to begin to understanding your mind/body/spirit in a deeper way.
When it comes to designing your workouts, too many options can distract from focus.
Sometimes, the best program money can buy is the one written by the athlete for themselves.
You don't need a coach to make these simple improvements to your swing technique.
Utilizing the scientific method to run your own dieting experiments can allow you to test different food combinations to maximize your nutrition and training.
Coaches can be great, or they can be a waste of a whole lot of money. What knows you better than you?
The magic of coaching is to change your perspective, and these three questions can help you do that for yourself.