shoulder health

Learn to feel how your shoulders operate, and you'll be able to safely access a wider range of motion.
The waiter’s walk might be one of your best tools to build shoulder stability and strength.
A great exercise for all round shoulder health.
Nothing will expose your mobility or stability problems faster than squatting with a weight over your head.
These two exercises are perfect for people who have trouble reaching full thoracic extension, i.e. everybody.
The push up may have fallen off the radar for most strength programs, but it's still is a powerful addition to any fitness plan.
There's an exercise you aren't doing that could change everything for your body.
If you only train movement straight up and down, it leaves you weak for the challenges of real life.
The bent press is a skill and requires repeated, focused practice.
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A little knowledge may take you down the rabbit hole, but it will also take you on a better path to ultimate healing.
Unless you’re rehabilitating from a surgery, training stabilizing muscles in strength sets and reps is a waste of time.
Few exercises can increase your mobility while also strengthening your muscles near the end range of motion. Scott Iardella shows you the kettlebell arm bar, which accomplishes both.
The climb up, as well as passive and active hanging will help develop mobility in your shoulder joints.
With a few exceptions, most shoulder injuries are not the rotator cuff’s fault. It is just a victim.
The shoulder is a complex area of the body, but maintaining it's strength and mobility doesn't have to be.