shoulder injury

When you learn the push press, you learn how you can and should move in one coordinated athletic effort to move something heavy.
Adding bodybuilding work to your weightlifting practice has its benefits, both ways.
Give these exercises a try after your training session, or even as part of your warm-up.
The role of the scapulae, the shoulder blade, often goes underestimated. Remove restrictions to your shoulder movement begins here.
Watch your weak points like you stock portfolio or risk zero return on your investment for joint health through exercise.
In all seriousness, the shoulder is a deceptively simple complex of muscles that serve a large array of functions, but here's how to maximize those muscles with only a few exercises.
Communicating with doctors can be frustrating and overwhelming. Here are outlined questions you should ask your physician when you have a shoulder injury, to get the best quality treatment.
The whole point of strength work is to balance the body and make it more resilient, not increase the risk of injury.
What follows are simple hands-on tests that can determine where your injury lies.
A physical assessment is imperative in determining whether your abnormal anatomy is functionally normal for you.
In probably the most uninspired set of regional workouts yet, CrossFit has set up athletes for the shoulder ruination of the century.
Dr. Levi discusses connecting movement and medicine, training while injured, and the difference between rest and recovery.
It may seem tedious, but working on shoulder stability and mobility will keep you safe and at your best.
Internet fitness is a bipolar beast - there are a lot of unqualified opinions flying around.
These will not only increase your bench but will also take better care of your shoulders than ever before.
Raising a son who has autism and dealing with a shoulder injury taught me CrossFit isn't just about presses and kipping pull ups.
In order to prevent a nasty shoulder injury and to increase your weight on the bar, you need to have shoulder stability and mobility first.