Frozen shoulders eventually get better but can cause significant pain.
Sculpted, thick, wide biceps and arms never go out of style. Fire up those guns and do it without hitting the gym.
When your bench press plateaus, the good news is it's easily fixed by identifying the underlying problem and implementing effective solutions to address them.
Here are five sure-fire upper body routines that can be a part of any strength, power, weight-loss, and/or general fitness program. I’ve also attached recording forms for you to log your workouts.
You will need a strap to follow this segment, so that the muscles get the full opening effect while staying in a contracted state.
A 25 minute flow to help you with active recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of the shoulder area.
Neutralize your misalignment before it sticks for good.
Taking a look at how the strict overhead press should be executed and implemented effectively in an exercise program.
Researchers look into the efficacy of shoulder manipulation on competitive athletes.
An effective exercise to complement your other back work.
A great exercise for all round shoulder health.
If a surfer is not continuously re-balancing their body, they will end up with posture imbalances.
For those of you who sit for work or do a lot of driving, these exercises will settle your shoulders back where they need to be.
If you're feeling a bit out of whack, these simple exercises will help get you coordinated.
Few things demonstrate shoulder strength in the same way as this exercise and its variations.
The climb up, as well as passive and active hanging will help develop mobility in your shoulder joints.
Thruster variations can help develop mobility, stability, and strength.