The key to success with sedentary clients is getting started right.
Ignoring dysfunction in your hips will allow all of your lifts to spiral out of control.
It is a well known fact that sitting is detrimental to our health, so finding ways to get out of our chairs is crucial to maintaining long-term fitness.
Desk sitters, taking a moment to even do one of these sneaky, sitting exercises will rejuvenate your focus.
By using these excercises over the course of your workday, you will have less discomfort from prolonged sitting.
Being stuck at work all day is no excuse for skipping exercise. Simple and effective exercises can be done while you work - even within an office environment.
This is how to keep moving for decades to come, not get type 2 diabetes, and not die of pneumonia after falling and breaking a hip at 85.
The Swopper Muvman chair keeps you moving, even while seated.
Don't let slumped shoulders throw your posture out of whack, fix them now.
Little daily habits can equal big movement dysfunctions if you don't pay attention to these five things.
This exercise is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time sitting and has tight hips and low back.
This book by Dr. James Levine provides important information and practical advice to reverse the effects of sitting.
Combat your slumped, sitting posture with this easy and effective exercise.
If you can kick any of these habits, you’ve just defined yourself as a stronger, fitter, more functional human.
You can save yourself years of pain by accepting that the rules of biology apply to you, and that education is your best friend.
Taking a quick break to follow along with the video will get you moving, stretched, and reenergized.
If sitting is the new smoking, this new standing desk is the ultimate smoking cessation tool.