Skill Building

You have volume and intensity today which is just the way it should be at this stage in the challenge.
It's the final stretch of this challenge. You should have the hang of it by now.
The last week of our challenges kicks off with the basic movements at some volume.
Somewhere in the middle, breaking things up is a Romanian deadlift.
Snatch on toes makes an appearance today. Excellent way to train for speed under the bar.
A good set of wide grip behind the neck push presses to work on today.
A nice round of pause jerks to end the day today.
Jump like a frog but only after you give your legs a serious workout.
Today will tax your nervous system as much as test your skills.
It doesn't have often, but you get some ab work today.
Quad heavy workout today as you power through every movement.
First day of the week is when you might feel at your strongest and ready to go big on your lifts. But form comes first, not weight.
Jerking off the rack anchors the day's workout.
Power your way through today's speed work.
Form over weight, but your quads will no doubt feel differently about the whole thing.
Hang power movements for coordination, speed, and quick movement under the bar.