Skill Building

The first priority here is to master weightlifting technique.
Hang around for today's workout, it's worth it.
Speed is an essential component of a good lift and speed work dominates today's session.
Press that weight overhead with conviction today and you'll feel like a champion.
You think you're doing a lot of hanging around today but then, it hits you. These lifts make you think.
For those in need of practicing technique without over-fatiguing any particular area or aspect of the body.
Balance is the key word for today's lifting technique exercises.
A quick, light, simple three movement day with an added strength builder to finish it off.
The training continues to emphasize technique development.
A lot of power moves today and some overhead lift building.
Snatch on toes is an excellent and challenging exercise to force the timing of your movement under the bar for the catch.
Technique and skill building continues as we end the second week of our challenge.
The most basic of lifting days with standard movements, no variation. Should be a strong day.
An active recovery day with supplemental exercises to fire up your nervous system in a different way than when you lift.
Power snatch, clean and jerk variations dominate the day's challenge.
Working the high pull takes precedence today.
Incorporating the high pull into a snatch or clean routine taxes the mind as well as the body.