sleep deprivation

There is a growing body of research on sleep extension and the potential implications on athletic performance.
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The reality is, 80 percent of people who have sleep apnea don’t know it.
If you have back problems, it's a matter of knowing the correct movements that will not add to your strain.
There is no need to panic, but let’s get serious. The season is right around the corner and with it comes academic rigor, practice, film, training, and treatment. All stress is cumulative.
The healthiest, longest living adults are the ones who sleep well and manage their stress correctly.
I've got a really good drug to boost your performance, and it's free.
Even a small sleep debt requires a surprisingly large payback.
Portion control, food choices, exercise intensity, and hunger all depend on the sleep we get.
This advice might not get you to peak performance, but it should help keep you from feeling old, tired, and sore every day.
Is your mattress wreaking havoc on your sleep patterns - and your training, too?
New research looked the impact of sleep deprivation on the performance of judo players in competition. Less sleep meant less power and worse cardio.
For some, going to bed earlier is easier said than done. What do you do if sleep escapes you on a regular basis? Here are tips for those who are struggling to find a natural way to get more shut-eye.
People wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honor. But skipping sleep really isn’t getting any of us ahead. It’s making us sick, depressed, fat, and aging us at an accelerated rate.
We all know at this point that sleep is vital to both our health and our athletic performance. But do you know HOW to sleep more and better? Here are 8 tips for getting deeper more refreshing sleep.