First day of the week is when you might feel at your strongest and ready to go big on your lifts. But form comes first, not weight.
Jerking off the rack anchors the day's workout.
Power your way through today's speed work.
Form over weight, but your quads will no doubt feel differently about the whole thing.
Hang power movements for coordination, speed, and quick movement under the bar.
It's not about how much weight you can put on the bar, but how well, and how consistently you can move the bar.
The Romanian deadlift needs to be performed correctly to reap its absolute benefits, of which there are many.
Speed work is the order of the day. Try snatching on your toes to start with.
Simple day of full movements finished off with some snatch-grip push presses.
Workout today includes a lot of work off the blocks.
First of the day week, lots of energy, and lots of reps.
Form is function when you are in this kind of a challenge for the long haul. Technique is all important in weghtlifting.
A certain amphibian is a big inspiration for the ending today.
The tempo is upbeat today. Got to be quick on your feet.
Squat snatch press kicks off the workout routine for today and it's going to challenge your flexibility and positioning but it is essential.
We give our snatch technique a thorough workout today.
Finishing off this week with a relatively high volume of lifts.