social norms

One could wonder who is more of a pariah: the health nut, or the smoker?
If you want to be healthy, you must first learn to be tough.
The effects of aging are no excuse to sit down and give up.
The first step to creating empowered women is never to tell them they can't.
Our biological needs include more than proper nutrition and exercise.
The fact is that men simply aren’t keeping pace with women when it comes to health and longevity.
If we want a healthier nation, we can't keep treating people who take care of themselves as freaks.
Poor coaching is a problem, but it pales in comparison to doing nothing at all.
It doesn't help unhealthy people to dance around the fact that they're unhealthy.
But what do you do if you spend most of your mealtimes alone? Would you believe eating in front of a mirror can elevate your mood?
You aren't the only one in the gym, so try to not make it a horrible experience for the rest of us.
Education presents the greatest opportunity to arm our children with the tools they will need to succeed in an increasingly challenging world.
Our education system has the potential to create a wave of societal change, but we must first abandon its linear approach in favor of actual human growth.
Hold yourself accountable for the physique and health goals you want to accomplish.