spine health

You can have the best shoulder mobility in the world, and it won't help if your spine can't extend.
Finding our personal strength balance through squats is the answer to eliminating pain.
The typical office worker has more musculoskeletal injuries than any other industry sector worker, including construction, the metal industry, and transportation.
There's more information available concerning warming up for workouts over cooling down afterward. Time to change the conversation.
Even if you have no aspirations to do back bends, a spine that can flex and extend properly will help you with the rest of life.
Once you experience the immediate, noticeable difference Airbench makes in the way your low back feels and functions, you are going to want to keep doing it even when you are not in pain.
Facing your own weaknesses can challenge even your most fundamental principles.
If your work has you hunched over a computer all day, here's an easy way to get your back up and moving again.
If we told you that there was an enterprise that charges its customer base $100 billion annually and fails to deliver what it’s selling, you’d wonder how it could exist.
Your spine is supposed to do so much more than remain rigid.
Drugs and surgery aren't your only options if you suffer from chronic jaw pain.
The causes of your back pain aren't just in your back, and neither will be the solutions.
Because of the variety of connections, your back plays a primary role in all strength exercises.
Instead of medication or surgery, wouldn't it be easier to spend a few months practicing yoga to try to improve the pain naturally, before choosing more invasive alternatives for back pain?
Your body is never truly static, so why worry so much about a static position?
The movement asymmetry in martial arts can lead to big problems with your spine, but there are two simple moves that will help prevent any issues.
Chronic pain can be a serious inhibitor of a healthy sex life, but a simple surgery may be the solution.