Maximum effort is expensive so, don't waste it on technique drills and accessory movements.
There's a more productive option to start your day than blasting your face with social media and sprinting out the door.
Don't let the 5 o'clock crowd stand between you and your goals.
Sticking to an intelligent plan can spell the difference between falling apart and sprinting like a hero.
It's time to strategize the best approach to the first of this year's CrossFit Open WODs.
You can fit more than you think in your day if you do some of it together.
If your body is stuck at skinny, here are some strategies to help you pack on the pounds.
These behaviors are non-negotiable. If you're missing one, you're falling short of your potential.
Small, thoughtful changes to your methods can add up to big progress down the road.
We can't replicate Froning's genetics or his lifestyle, but we can definitely replicate his strategy.
There's no reason you can’t give yourself every possible advantage - starting right now.
Double unders will not appear in a WOD. Nor will pull ups, toes-to-bar, or muscle ups.
Knowing the how an event is judged is the best way to decide how to prepare for competition. Let's look at how boxing is judged, and how it relates to our preparations for success in life.
How do you prepare for battle? Many competitors have rituals they follow to get them in the best physical and mental state. Do any of these descriptions fit your pre-contest rituals?