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Researchers put a "bodyweight support system" to the test on competitive soccer players. It makes them lighter, but did it help performance? Did it decrease likelihood of injury?
Day two of our first week of programming from John Hackleman's The Pit is a martial arts version of CrossFit's class "Cindy" workout. How many rounds can YOU get?
What length of rest interval gives the best performance in the bench press? Does this change between men and women? Does it change between very strong men and weaker men?
John Hackleman, founder of The Pit, seems like a guy who would train fighters - big, bald, covered in tattoos, and full of prison jokes. Learn how John went from nurse to world-class coach.
Today is the first day of programming from John Hackleman's The Pit - a unique combination of strength, conditioning, and martial arts training.
Fitness-oriented games are a new popular theme in video games, but do they really get you any more active? A university researcher looks at all the existing research and says, "No."
Staley is one of the smartest coaches in the business. What advice does he offer aspiring coaches? Find out his thoughts and his recommended reading list.
Want to throw that soccer ball faster? New research suggests a certain volume of weighted medicine ball throws can help you build that ball speed.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's popular topics: 12 Reps with Jim Wendler, aging, Primal Move, and more!
Charles Staley was the slowest kid on the playground. Somehow a lot of books, thirty years of karate, and a move to Southern California changed all that and he discovered his passion for athletics.
Doctors are always telling you different things about how much exercise makes a difference. Well, now it turns out less is more - 30 minutes of exercise is actually better than 60 for overweight men.
We all have tight schedules, but we also value the quality of our training. Is it possible to combine strength and cardio into one session effectively? New research says, yes, it is possible.
This week our essay from featured coach Paul Wade discusses the lost art of bodyweight training and the true strength that can be built on a simple program of progressive calisthenics.
A recent study compared the effect of sand and grass training surfaces during conditioning sessions in soccer athletes. Results suggest sand training can result in a greater physiological response.
The fitness industry is dead. In my opinion, it's dead as a doornail. What's the origin of this problem? And how do we fix it? There is one thing we can focus on to save the fitness industry.
Terrance Gant is a former Marine, football coach, and strength and conditioning coach. He is the man behind our Sport Specific Workouts for football. Find out how Terrance got to be Terrance.
Tom Kelso has spent a lifetime involved in college athletics, as an athlete and as a coach. He is also the man behind our new "Mature Athlete Workout of the Day." Read on to learn about him.