strength sports

I'm continuing to use the GymAware unit to measure speed on my lifts, and noticed a few improvements this week.
This week I continued working on speed and explosiveness, without going to failure on any of my core lifts. I also included video of some of the assistance work I do on a weekly basis.
Considering I was recovering from a heavy volume workout last week and fighting off a cold, I spent most of this week in recovery mode, but still got in some training.
There are just two weeks left until Worlds, and this week's training was encouraging. I set new PRs in the cambered bar squat, which has become one of my new mainstay exercises for squat training.
This was a lighter week because I was fighting off a cold, so I've included a video explaining my perspective on abdominal exercises.
Nothing terribly spectacular this week, although I did hit an easy bench PR. On the less positive side, I’m developing some fluid accumulation in my right elbow.
I'm moving into a speed and volume period. I'm going to try and get my work capacity up and my bar speed up.
A very good week of training. There’s not much you can do to improve your fitness right before a meet, but there’s a lot you can do to screw things up. So my goal right now is just business as usual.
Sometimes, things just don’t work as planned. At this point I think I need to wrap up my competitive season, even though I never competed.
Another solid week in the books, including a 455lb pull on a very thick bar. This should be equivalent to about 500lbs on a normal bar. My bench press is also coming along nicely.
This week I set a new PR on my hook grip hold - 500lbs for one minute. I've included a video with tips for improving your hook grip without doing too much damage to your hands.
This was a solid, productive training week with a 3RM PR on the high bar squat and a 1RM PR on the bench press. As competition looms nearer, I find myself training more and more on instinct.
I had some PRP treatment done on my adductor this week and also cut out carbs, so I lifted less than usual. In the video I've included some footage of the circuit training I do when not competing.
I was traveling this week so I only had a few training sessions. In the video I've shared some advice for organizing your training while focusing on multiple goals at one time.
I haven't worked on my hook grip in a while, so decided to give it a go this week. Check out the video for some helpful stretches to do before squatting sessions as well.
I’ve been feeling a bit under-recovered this week, so my volume was lower than normal. Despite that, I nearly hit a 340lb high bar squat, and my bench program is going well also.
This week training I did lots of sled work, mace swings, and more bottoms up kettlebell presses. I included a video on how to do mace swings and why they are beneficial for shoulder health.