strength sports

I was sick this week but still competed in the Tactical Strength Challenge as I had planned. I have some video from the event plus a bonus video of toddler-assisted mobility work.
This week my journal includes my training summary, plus two videos - one training video and a second with some tips on how to improve your grip.
I realized this week that I've been focusing more on performance than on hard work. I decided to rededicate myself to hard work and adjusted my training a bit to reflect that decision.
My gym has grown rapidly, which is great but also makes it harder to focus on my workouts, so I'll share how I'm counteracting that. This week's training went well and my quad is feeling better.
I had some swelling and pain in my IT band and quad, so I steered clear of squatting and made some modifications. Also some video of the drills I'm doing to get my glute firing right again.
During my training this week I had a few moments where I could have kept going but stopped due to pain or discomfort. The last thing I need after all the rehab work is another injury.
I decided to take a deload week this week so my training was a bit lighter than usual. It was a busy week with travel and running a powerlifting meet on Saturday.
I got in some solid training this week, including some band work that proved to be quite the ass kicker. Next week I'll probably deload judging by how I felt Friday.
It seems my weight loss has not impacted my strength levels. I had some big lifts this week and also started pressing again, since my shoulder hasn't acted up all week.
I didn't get many full sessions in this week, but on the upside I had time to figure out how best to train for the upcoming Tactical Strength Challenge without aggravating my elbows.
My numbers this week were solid but not spectacular, but it seems my shoulder is almost back to normal. I'm also at the lowest bodyweight I've been at since my twenties.
With lots of travel and projects at home this week, getting my training in was a bit of a challenge but I made it work. I also got a new app that I'm excited to use in the future.
The big news this week is that I managed to briefly pass out with 390 pounds on my back. I luckily caught it on video for your viewing entertainment. Enjoy!
I started the week off with a case of the 24-hour flu, but was back to training the next day. I lost a lot of weight, but by the end of the week my strength was definitely coming back.
We were doing a lot of reorganizing and moving around gym equipment this week, so I had a shorter training week than usual. I'm also figuring out ways to work around my shoulder pain.
I had some body fat tests done this week and also got some supplementation advice. The training week was great, but it ended with a mean case of the stomach flu.
Between work, kids in daycare, and a wife who's a teacher, we're always fighting sickness in our house during the winter. I also had a business trip last week but still got in my training.