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I was hoping for a 385 squat this week and I nailed it. Then I hit a nice triple deadlift at 450. To top it all off, I had an epic 'Glute Off' battle with Bret Contreras. It was a good week.
I saw the surgeon this week about my bicep. In the gym, I did a lot of experimenting, trying to see how far I could push my limits in spite of the injury. Turns out I can still do quite a bit!
I started out 2013 with what could be a major setback, but I am also achieving a major breakthrough with my grip, and my rehab work is still going strong.
I finished my third week of rehab this week, and things are still going great. I've leaned out quite a bit and noted pretty big improvements from my lifts last week.
I'm in my second week of rehab and it's going better than it ever has in the past. Although I may not be squatting heavy yet, I'm slowly getting back to normal after my injury on December 1st.
This was a productive training week. My squat is getting deeper and I'm feeling fresh as a daisy thanks to some dietary changes I've made.
After my meet I couldn't even sit down on the couch without feeling extreme pain. After a week of rehab, I'm not quite back to my normal self, but I'm getting there.
Some people may not want to hear this, but the younger you are, the faster you are going to learn the Olympic lifts. The time to start is now.
I tore my adductor during my last meet of the year, but I finished the meet and also had one of my most effective training cycles and deloads so far.
Time to begin my deload leading up to the meet on Dec 1st. I've figured out a very effective peaking strategy, particularly given my current recovery needs.
Bob Hoffman. Google. Bud Charniga. Greg Everett. Jim Schmitz. Mikhail Gorbachev. CrossFit. Barry Bonds. These and more are what weightlifters should offer thanks for this thanksgiving.
I got in some training early in the week, and then flew out to Las Vegas to watch some of my team members compete. One of them had the highest total at the event!
Time for a history lesson and a trip back to the early days of strength sports. Find out where your sports came from and what strange movements and rules they used to include.
My raw squat was strong this week - 826 pounds, to be exact. Also had some real success with the last of my floor presses and got in an extra day of assistance work. A solid week!
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Absolutely no training this week. I had a throat infection that put me in bed for several days. I'm feeling angry and frustrated at the way things are looking for the upcoming meet.
The first journal entry from our newest athlete - Chris Duffin, champion powerlifter. Find out how one of the strongest men out there trains to get even stronger.