strength training

You can accomplish a lot in six weeks - losing fat, gaining muscle, and building strength and stamina.
Bookmark this page and make these articles your homework if you consider yourself a dedicated athlete or coach.
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The girevik in your life will be thrilled to find these gifts under the tree or in the stocking.
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Training with these five basic principles will keep you healthy, injury free, and getting stronger for years to come.
Failing to utilize any periodization could lead to overtraining, failure to recover, and the inability to progress.
Whenever you’re about to perform a difficult physical task, a big part of you will want nothing to do with it.
These will not only increase your bench but will also take better care of your shoulders than ever before.
A new study shed light on the role of muscle size in running performance and bone quality.
In order to prevent a nasty shoulder injury and to increase your weight on the bar, you need to have shoulder stability and mobility first.
Wants to get all-around strong, steer clear of injury, and maximize carry over into strength sports? Front squat.
A new research review suggests it doesn't matter which programming plan you use, as long as you have a plan.
Simple repetition range training protocols will enhance your ability to recruit more muscle tissue over time.
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My calorie calculator will tell you the proper number of calories to consume, based on your daily activity level.