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These will help athletes in sports like snowboarding, golf, tennis, surfing, or racquetball.
You would think sports drinks would aid performance in a two-hour tennis match, but they seemed to have little impact.
A new study suggests grunting in tennis and other sports may do more than distract your opponent.
What is behind Andy Murray's rise? What has driven him forward and upward, year upon year?
Watch Roger Federer as you've never seen him before - through his own eyes.
A recent article addressed this topic by comparing tennis players who began playing as children or young adults.
If you've ever watched a tennis match, you know the players make a lot of noise. A new study asks whether grunting is actually helpful, or just a waste of energy.
Love to play tennis? Here's a strength and conditioning program designed just for you. Workouts written with the special performance needs of a tennis player in mind.
My husband is the most accomplished athlete in our household, and we're a competitive crew. It's important to me and my daughters to be with him when he competes, even at the USTA Nationals.
I’ve been CrossFitting for over two years now. Much to my surprise, I cannot handstand walk to the grocery store. Sometimes I get frustrated at what feels like my very slow progress.
CrossFit advises to regularly try new sports, but in all my time training I never have. Until now. Now in my 40s, my husband of 14 years, who is also a tennis coach, is my new coach of my new sport.
The U.S. stays in the lead as Michael Phelps makes his grand finale, plus other gold medals in tennis, track and field, and men's basketball.
Tennis has come a long way - from full-length dresses to the Williams sisters. Part of this evolution has been in fitness and the attention to the nutrition that has created elite tennis athletes.
This week Coach Tom helps us figure out how to program workouts for a sport-specific athlete trying to build power and endurance. In this case it's tennis, but it could work for any sport.