Percussive massage guns can cost upwards of $500 but there are more affordable variants that may suit casual users better.
Don't get hung up on one particular style of training but use variety of different exercises, rep ranges, and training styles.
Our response to a cranky psoas is often to try to stretch or strengthen it, but we may need to just relax it, instead.
When the face relaxes, so does everything else.
Master your bodyweight control by learning how to create maximum muscular tension.
This article covers three common flaws I see in lifting approach, set up, and deadlift technique. These errors are holding back your progress and keeping plates off the bar.
Most of your training sessions consist of lots of time upside down with your nose to the wall. It’s time to take the next step.
Try one or all of these simple exercises to alleviate tension from your neck to your hips.
To become strong and stable, include the plank and its several variations in your bodyweight regimen.