The Handstand Builder For Woman

Incorporating a nice neck and shoulder release routine to end a challenging round of upper body strength builders.
Experimenting with different kettlebell work today to build upper body strength.
An emphasis on core work and some Tabata time to challenge you even further.
A chipper of a day with a lot of work to kick start the week.
Steadily building on the last 5 weeks of workouts, you get to practice some extended handstand holds on this day.
Challenging your core and trunk musculature so that you can create a rigid handstand position securely.
Going for upper body strength, essential for core and balance to help you in your handstands.
Some strong work around the trunk and legs as you build up to some handstand holds.
Work on your skillset today with variations of handstand holds and kick ups.
We've got an interesting Tabata mash up for you today.
Strong challenging day with total body movements taking precedence.
Plenty of hard work today with TGUs and a nice chipper.
Starting to build up that core strength in the handstand position and learning to release neck and shoulders.
Work on your pull ups today as you end this week's workouts.