total training volume

If you have hit a plateau in your muscle-building journey and aren’t sure what changes to make to kick-start your progress, then I think the P.B.S. approach may be the solution for you.
The complexity of fully training the back is illustrated by the vast array of machines and attachments available.
Once you know you’re not starting from scratch and haven’t lost too much ground you can resist the urge to go in all guns blazing.
The trick is to find that sweet spot, especially for the more finely tuned elite sportspersons.
Working way too hard is as detrimental as not working hard enough.
You change as you lift over time and you change as you age. There's no template for life.
Push yourself with what you have as opposed to always trying to pile more on top of things that aren’t working already.
Training is a necessary stressor to create a need for improvement or adaptation.
We know training must be hard to be effective—the bad news is that it has to get harder.
Focusing on sets and reps takes your attention away from what matters most when it comes to building size.