training method

Some of you may think you will never be strong enough to do pull ups, but you are.
You can get more out of your strength training by understanding how to change the speed of your reps and using pauses, otherwise known as tempo training.
The exercise is deceptively simple, but there are a series of brilliant elements that come together to make it so effective.
Forget all the six-pack ripped selfies and marketing you’ve ever seen, let’s be real for a few minutes.
Smart training is hard training, but hard training is not necessarily smart training.
Resist the allure and promises of fancy new gear to consider how it will add to and detract from your training.
Do you know how to train hard, but also when to back off, listen to your coach, take care of your body, and take rest days in order to get stronger?
If you want to improve your fitness and your life, it may be time to step in the ring.
What type of training modality is best for athletes? We all move the iron now, but how we do it is the new minefield.
Avoid injury by finding balance between your combat sport and your conditioning. This three training day plan will send you in the right direction.
Don't give the fitness gurus power. Learn the science and develop your own fact-based perspective.
It's not only method, but principle. You need to find out what suits you best.