training philosophy

There's no real universal prescription for something as subjective as "success" or worse, "fitness."
Maximum effort is expensive so, don't waste it on technique drills and accessory movements.
A successful fitness community is centered around building relationships, not rounds, reps, or PRs.
The most capable humans don't come from the sterile environment of the typical gym.
You can spend your energy chasing prepackaged solutions, or you can dig deeper and address your core issues.
This is not a sport that can be taken lightly or approached with indifference.
We won’t turn the tide in America’s fight with obesity until we give people of all ages the tools to manage their own health and fitness.
Simplicity is useful, but it's no substitute for experience and understanding.
When’s the last time you went out without a periodized plan, or a timer beeping at you, or any real goal whatsoever?
Shane and Pete interview Max Shank about his fitness philosophy, his evolution as a coach, and a subtle mindset shift that will change the way you understand diet and exercise.
Your true character is revealed in times of high stress.
Getting the most from your time in the box starts with defining your purpose for going there.
If constant, uncontrolled thought is the problem, you aren't going to fix it with more thoughts.
The efficacy of your training framework is never more thoroughly tested than when you are coming back from an injury.